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AI and the Metaverse

Five examples of AI being used to power Metaverse features right now

Metaverse has become the next major battleground for tech companies. Since Mark Zuckerberg announced his

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Data center by Meta (Facebook)

Meta has built the fastest AI supercomputer to power its AR and metaverse ambitions

Meta Platforms Inc, the parent of social media giant Facebook, is throwing its hat into the AI supercomputer race with a bold claim. The company said on Monday that its…

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Facebook demonstrates its AI prowess with text-to-video generation tool called Make-A-Video

AI-based text-to-image generators like Dall E-2 and Midjourney became the talk of the town when they produced astonishingly great images. Last month, an AI-generated artwork even won the top prize…

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Sam Altman on AI moonshots, evolution, and opportunity to create next Google

Artificial Intelligence (AI) still remains a technology that either people know about or are completely worried about. While the field of AI has moved from being a buzzword to fully…

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AI will be used to automate decision making at first, but people will revert to make decisions: Gartner’s top data and analytics prediction

Data and Analytics have emerged as two of the key metrics that define the success or failure of a company. With every company wanting to become a data company, it…

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DDMA AI Maturity Test 2022: Explainability of AI gains importance while AI drives real innovation

Artificial Intelligence has reached a point where it is no longer a novelty. AI models are now powering a myriad number of things and everyday, we are seeing more traditional…

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World Summit AI in Amsterdam

World Summit AI: A look at the dates, event agenda, keynote speakers, and who should attend

World Summit AI (WSAI), the leading summit on artificial intelligence bringing the data science and business community together, is returning after a two year hiatus. WSAI 2022 will be the…

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AI-generative art, a new catalyst for NFTs

AI-generated NFTs are slowly building themselves as their own art subgenre within the crypto world. Let’s elaborate on this topic.

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With its AI digital models, Lalaland is making fashion industry diverse, inclusive, and sustainable

In the AI Startup of the Week, the editorial staff of is featuring promising AI startups, their innovations, solutions and challenges. In this seventeenth episode, we are taking a…

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Yann LeCun: a look at the life and career of one of the godfathers of deep learning

In this series of, we feature pioneers in the world of AI: where do they come from, what have they achieved and what are their plans for the future.…

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