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AI Leaders to Watch

14 AI leaders from the Netherlands to watch in 2021

In Europe, Dutch companies are early adopters of AI and are competitive when it comes to adopting new AI developments. This also makes the Netherlands one of the best places to find innovative entrepreneurs and follow prominent pioneers in the AI sector. 

To help you stay updated, we’ve compiled a list of 14 experts in the field of AI that you could follow on social media. These are the leaders to watch if you want to stay up to date around developments in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Catelijne Muller

Catelijne Muller is the president of ALLAI, an independent organisation that promotes Responsible AI. She is a member of the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence of the European Commission.

Muller is AI Rapporteur for the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and President of the EESC Thematic Study Group on AI. She is an EU policy specialist and advises several civil society organisations. In the Netherlands, she advises the Trade Union Confederation for Professionals (VCP).

Follow Catelijne on Linkedin.

Jeroen van der Most

Jeroen van der Most is a Dutch artist who has created art with data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence for over ten years.

Most’s art was covered by the reputed media like MIT Technology Review’s The Download, TheNextWeb, Artnet, VPRO Tegenlicht, The Guardian, The Art Newspaper, El Pais, and NRC. 

His art has been obtained by worldwide collectors and the national museum of New Zealand. It has been displayed in galleries and art fairs ranging from the Amsterdam KunstRai to AAF Hong Kong. Most’s current focus is on using AI to bridge the illusionary boundaries between us and our surroundings.

Follow Jeroen on LinkedIn.

Maarten Sukel 

Maarten Sukel is an AI Lead for the City of Amsterdam and is also doing a Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam. He has created an Artificial Intelligence solution to help increase the livability of the city in an open and transparent manner. 

Other work includes machine learning applications that route over 250.000 service requests each year and a computer vision model that can help to detect garbage on the streets of Amsterdam.

Follow Maarten on LinkedIn.

Daniel Gebler

Daniel Gebler is the CTO of Picnic, an Amsterdam-based online supermarket that makes grocery shopping simple and affordable for everyone. 

Previously, he was an R&D Director of Fredhopper, responsible for the product and technology roadmap, and led engineering teams located in Amsterdam and Sofia.  Gebler holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and an MBA. He also published papers, edited journals, and chaired international workshops on software correctness.

Follow Daniel on LinkedIn.

Kees van der Klauw

Kees van der Klauw is the coalition manager of the Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC). He is an experienced innovation professional at senior executive level with a strong track record in digital transformations in semiconductors, displays, consumer electronics, diagnostic systems and lighting and crucial pillar in the AI ecosystem of The Netherlands.

Follow Kees on LinkedIn.

Nathalie Post

Nathalie Post is a co-founder and Head of Strategy at DEUS, an Amsterdam-based company that builds AI products and services. As a Strategy lead, Post helps organisations apply artificial intelligence responsibly to create value for people, businesses and society. 

On top of that, Post hosts a podcast called The Human-Centered AI, featuring inspiring stories of people who are shaping the future of artificial intelligence in a humanity & planet-centred way.

Follow Nathalie on LinkedIn.

Sander Stomph

Sander Stomph is a Managing Director of Kickstart AI, a joint venture to accelerate AI adoption in the Netherlands. 

Stomph served as Head of Online Marketing at technology startup Nimbuzz in 2007 and joined KLM as a corporate management trainee. Later, he went on to become Director of Operational Excellence. In 2017, Stomph started the department at KLM Digital Operations Practise responsible for Design Doing and Data Science.

Follow Sander on LinkedIn.

Bob de Jong

Bob de Jong is a Deepfake & AI Artist who specialised in Synthetic Media. This year, he got international attention for a video he made called ‘ This is not Morgan Freeman’’ using artificial intelligence software. 

Bob started his career at Scopic, the first creative Virtual Reality video production company based in Amsterdam. Later, he founded Eastbound, a creative virtual reality agency based in Amsterdam.

Follow Bob on LinkedIn.

Arnaud Hubaux

Arnaud Hubaux is AI Lead and trailblazer ASML, the leading Dutch technology company that manufactures the machines for creating silicon microchips. He works with ASML to solve problems like optimizing production yield and equipment uptime.

Follow Arnaud on LinkedIn.

Marietje Schaake

Marietje Schaake is a Senior Advisor, Tech & Geopolitics, at Eurasia Group, the world’s largest political risk consultancy. She is also a Policy Director, Cyber Policy Center & Int. Policy Fellow at the Institute for Human-Centered AI at Stanford University. She is a Dutch politician and has been serving as a Member of the European Parliament since 2009.

Follow Marietje on LinkedIn.

Jim Stolze

Jim Stolze is ​CEO ​at ​Aigency, the world’s first employment agency for bots, algorithms, and ​other ​intelligent agents. Before joining Aigency, Jim was an active member of the TEDx community. As one of the twelve senior ambassadors for globally, ​he helped organize multiple events in the Netherlands, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

In 2016 he attended the executive program at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. Before that, he studied Applied Linguistics at the VU University in Amsterdam with a strong focus on Natural language processing. 

Follow Jim on LinkedIn.

Marloes Pomp

Marloes Pomp is the Initiator and Program Officer for the blockchain projects within the Dutch Government and is responsible for the international strategy of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. She has also set up a Blockchain and AI Innovation program for the Dutch government.

Follow Marloes on LinkedIn.

JC Heyneke 

JC Heyneke is CEO at Slimmer AI, an AI B2B venture studio with companies like Sentinels, Biller and Vesper. He completed his MBA in International Business at Columbia Business School in 2003. He started as a Software Engineer at CSIR in 1997 and worked as Associate Principal in McKinsey & company. He was a Senior Vice President & General Manager in RELX Group from 2018 – 2019.

Follow JC on LinkedIn.

Maarten de Rijke

Maarten is the Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Information Retrieval at the University of Amsterdam and director at the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI). ICAI is a national network of local labs aimed at technology and talent development between knowledge institutes such as universities, small and large scale organizations as well as the government.

Follow Maarten on LinkedIn.

Arjan van der Born

Arjan is the former Academic Director and current Professor Digital Entrepreneurship at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science as well as Professor Digital Entrepreneurship at the Tilburg University. As director of the ROM Utrecht Region he leads the efforts to accelerate the local ecosystem of fast scaling businesses. Arjan is also chair for the coalition of Dutch regional AI Hubs, as part of the Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC). He wrote multiple books on AI such as De AI Fabriek where he explains how to monetize AI.

Follow Arjan on LinkedIn.

Bonus: Remy Gieling

Remy Gieling is a moderator, presenter, and interviewer for corporate events, webinars, and podcasts. His expertise is at the intersection of technology, business, and innovation. He works for companies like YoungCapital, Accenture, Nvidia, HP, and Incentro, among others.

In addition, Remy is the founder of, a platform about the impact of artificial intelligence on companies and organisations. To this end, he speaks daily with entrepreneurs, experts, and scientists. His book on the subject was nominated for Management Book of the Year-longlist in 2021.

Follow Remy on LinkedIn.

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