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Freeday Announces 4 Million Euro Seed Funding Round to Accelerate Its Growth Strategy

Freeday announces a EUR. 4 million seed funding round led by henQ to elevate the brand and accelerate its international growth strategy. Freeday will use the funding to scale development, expand strategic partnerships and roll out to new markets and industries.

Founders of RPA boutique Ciphix and digital strategy agency Numa launched the AI-Software company in October 2020. The company’s mission is to rewrite how we work and interact, so that people can collaborate, solve complex problems, and focus on the rewarding part of work. Freeday provides its clients a SaaS platform to hire and manage a digital workforce with digital employees that take over repetitive, tedious tasks, and interactions.

The funding round is led by Venture Capitalist henQ. Freeday will be a key player in helping business leaders to accelerate their digital transformation strategy. Co-founder Marcus Groeneveld states, “We are thrilled to welcome henQ to our network of investors and partners. They have a proven track record in helping innovative b2b software companies with an international growth strategy. And we are excited to be working with an investor that recognizes the potential of Freeday”.

The Rotterdam based startup is unique in offering a SaaS solution with a transactional model, flexible scaling, and without an upfront (setup) investment. This way Freeday can help businesses in hiring, training, and actually make new digital employees start within 2-4 weeks, with minimal to no impact on IT resources.

In the first 18 months, Freeday has attracted dozens of great clients and partners and proven itself in adding value by using digital employees in their digital service strategy.

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