Genzai presents AI, machine/deep learning, and big data analytics solutions based on a Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Company Niche:

Company Type: Startups & Scaleups,

Location: Limburg, Netherlands

Genzai is a Limburg Technology Investment Fund (LTIF) that supports intelligence/advanced ICT investments in consulting companies and invests in startups and companies across various industries. They focus on entrepreneurs who want to apply the power of advanced intelligence/ICT to their products or services and employ a team of software developers with extensive experience in many new and complex technologies that help entrepreneurs fund to build a strong demand for IP-based companies. – Connect & Inspire wants to connect forward thinking leaders and inspire companies to adopt exciting technologies such as AI to build future proof organizations.

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Join us on our mission to accelerate the adoption of technology such as data science, automation and AI. Become a partner of and share your knowledge and insights.

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