AI Founders Night: why every startup entrepreneur and investor should join

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most talked about, widely deployed, and also the most hyped technology of modern times. It is rather easy to find an AI application or service baked into our lifestyle. From your Netflix recommendations to Spotify curation to app recommendations, there is AI at every walk of our life.

However, the people building AI products or services or technologies necessary for major changes in the field can often find themselves lost between the hype and real deployment. For such people and other AI enthusiasts, Dutch B2B venture studio Slimmer AI and is organising an AI event.

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Founders Night: How to start and scale AI products

Called Founders Night: How to start and scale AI products, the event is being held on June 29 between 6PM and 9PM. The event being held at TNW City requires prior registration and those interested can register on this link.

The event is mainly designed with a focus on startups at their early days of development and ones that have already set the foundation of how they plan to apply AI. The founders night event in Amsterdam will allow startup founders and entrepreneurs to hear from other founders, AI experts, and investors.

With the event, these young startups will gain the knowledge necessary to look beyond the hype surrounding AI. The informational event will also help entrepreneurs, founders understand, build, and communicate their AI advantage.

Anyone with interest in AI can attend this event but those building AI products or working with AI products will stand to benefit the most. There is no need for any technical background since the event is designed with both technical as well as non-technical founders in mind.

The event is split into four sessions, including a content keynote on useful frameworks for getting AI product strategy right. It will also have two panel discussions featuring founders and VCs. Lastly, there is a case study that will help founders understand the importance and relevance of AI.

How to build AI into your startup’s value proposition

The first highlight of the event will come in the form of a founders perspective panel discussion moderated by Remy Gieling, founder of The panel includes Arryon Tijsma, Co-founder & Head of AI at Sentinels, Joyce Caradonna, CEO of Sightcorp, and Peter-Paul de Leeuw, Founder & CEO, Amberscript.

The distinguished panellists will discuss how startups can leverage AI to become a value proposition for them. Sentinels is developing an out-of-the-box solution to transaction monitoring and fraud compliance for all businesses. Apart from offering compliance software, it is also using AI to map out financial crime networks so businesses can see crime attempts before it even happens.

Founded by Joost van Houten and Arryon Tijsma in 2019, Sentinels is using AI to solve the problems in transaction monitoring solutions across the globe. It was acquired by Fenergo, the leading provider of Customer Lifecycle Management technology solutions for financial institutions, in April, 2022.

Sightcorp started as an AI spin-off from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) specialising in easy-to-use face analysis software. It turns computer vision and deep learning research into commercially viable solutions. The face analysis solution offered by Sightcorp is considered the best for accurate anonymised data aggregation. Sightcorp was acquired by San Francisco-based Raydiant in January, 2022, to build AI-based in-location analytics.

Peter-Paul de Leeuw started Amberscript in 2018 with Timo Behrens and Thomas Dieste. The startup uses AI and machine learning to make audio and video accessible to everyone. Amberscript offers an innovative speech-to-text technology that has a 99 per cent accuracy.

The story of Sentinels, Sightcorp, and Amberscript will be a window into how AI can be used and turned into the core strength of your product and service.

A look at how Picnic is leveraging data warehousing

The second highlight of the event will be a case study from Daniel Gebler, CTO of Picnic. Picnic is arguably one of the most innovative e-grocery startups in the world. It has successfully built a lakeless data warehouse as a proof that a centralised analytical data warehouse product can be successful.

For anyone interested in artificial intelligence (AI), the first and foremost thing to know is access to quality data is important. A data warehouse acts as a central repository of integrated data from one or more disparate sources. The case study from Gebler will allow startup founders to adopt antifragile principles.

Assessment of AI startups

The founders night will also see a VC perspectives panel moderated by Saumitra Dubey from Slimmer AI. Dubey will be joined by Kyang Yung, Partner at INKEF, Lisa Brouwer, Investor at Curiosity VC, and Tamara Obradov, Partner at Tablomoto Venture Capital.

The panel discussion will help startup founders understand how VCs look and value AI startups. With capital markets entering bear market territory and a number of influential VC firms sounding the alarm of possible doom in the economy, this session could be an eye-opener for anyone looking to build and grow a successful startup.

The session will throw light on what venture capitalists look at when evaluating an AI startup. From product to roadmap to long-term vision, the panellists are likely to discuss all the key attributes that make or break a startup, and the learnings will help founders to not only start and scale AI products but do so in a way that they are successful in the long-term.

When and where to attend Founders Night: How to start and scale AI products?

The Founders Night: How to start and scale AI products is being held on June 29 starting at 6PM. It is being held at TNW City and registration for the event is now open at this link. After the keynote and panel discussion, there will be a networking opportunity for attendees to speak with the panellists.

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