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AI in Marketing

AI in marketing: Check out these 9 cool tools that help you write content using AI

AI tools are not new in the world of media. Both film and gaming industries have used AI regularly and lately automated writing tools have gained popularity as well. With content the ultimate king on the world wide web, Artificial Intelligence tools for media allow individuals, small businesses and others to create content at scale in a way that was previously not known to humans.

Today, you can use AI tools for a number of use cases including creating articles, video scripts, transcribing interactions, among others. The adoption of these services has even got leading investors excited about the ability of AI to disrupt the media industry. In this article, let’s look at nine of the best AI tools, platforms and services for writing articles right now.


Anyword is one of the popular AI copywriting tools for marketers right now. The AI-powered tool is used by marketers at RedBull, Equinox, NBC, Conde Nast and others. It is simple to use where you need to input a URL, summary or product description to get the best copy for your ad. You can then choose the format you want AI to generate the copy for and get a copy scored and sorted by predicted performance. You can also make AI to rewrite variations you would like or add your own copy variations.

The platform relies on artificial models capable of analysing text and understanding its intent and ideal audience. The tool creates an AI copy that offers high conversion rates on various channels. With its predictive performance score, Anyword makes it easier to evaluate an article for its performance and select the best copy. It is so popular that Anyword raised $21m in Series B funding round this month to expand its platform and build new features.


Headlime is another AI tool that aims to eliminate that moment where you are stuck looking at a screen but cannot think of a good subject line for your email or headline for that blog post. Headlime is a copy generator that makes it easy to create marketing copy for your products. The tool started initially as a Google Spreadsheet Danny before becoming a full-fledged AI copywriting tool.

It offers a number of products including an AI blog assistant, AI copywriter, AI Page Builder, copy generator, document generation, and copy inspiration. With support for 11 languages, Headline is an AI tool powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, an autoregressive language model that relies on deep learning to produce human-like text. Headlime is a tool that can produce copies faster with higher conversion rate at an affordable price point.


Rytr is another popular tool in this segment being used by content marketers and entrepreneurs to write everything from blog posts to ads for their products. Launched in 2021, Rytr also relies on OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology and supports more than 30 languages. It offers a simple interface for generating content and also offers an extension that works with popular mail clients, online collaboration tools and even social media platforms.

Rytr is available for free where each user gets 5,000 credits equivalent to 5,000 characters or 1,000 words per month. However, you can create content with an unlimited number of words with the Premium plan. Some of its popular features include text editing, which includes options like expand, append, shorten text, and reword. There is also a feature called set the tone that offers different writing styles. is popular among marketers with over 2,50,000 marketers using the tool to create content. It is used for digital ad copy, social media content, website copy, eCommerce copy, blog content, and sales copy. It also has a simple and straightforward user interface where you select a type of copy, describe your product and get the final result created by AI with the option to edit.

It is also part of the cohort of companies building AI writing tools atop GPT-3, an autoregressive language model with 175 billion parameters. One of the ways that differs is by not limiting on the word count and generating a number of possible text results. Customers then get an option to choose from them and even edit them.

Copy Shark

Copy Shark is a new category of copywriting software that aims to offer something different to different sets of users. From marketers, founders to writers and creators, Copy Shark offers tailored experiences for each use case. It can be used to generate ad copy, product descriptions, sales copy, blog paragraphs, and video scripts. Like others in this list, Copy Shark also relies on Open AI’s GPT-3 artificial intelligence to produce human-like text.

With support for more than 20 languages, Copy Shark lets its users generate a copy with one click. It also offers 50+ tools for different use cases and users can turn their copywriting efforts into results. Copy Shark is also aggressively priced and you will need to sign up for an early access to use the service. is another AI-based writing tool that focuses on personalising your email. While most tools here want to be an all-purpose option, is focused on making sure that your cold emails always turn into meetings or calls. It also has a simple process where you first select your email objective and then enter LinkedIn or the website of the person to whom you will be sending the email and then hit send.

The platform uses AI to gather information from your prospect’s LinkedIn profile or website to produce a highly personalised email. It is a classic example of social engineering paired with AI to produce highly effective emails. can even handle lists of numerous persons at once to increase efficiency and reduce time crunches. If you ever felt anxious about the performance of your email then is a tool designed for you.


Scalenut is a tool designed to tell stories at scale. It is ideal for content strategists, content creators, founders, and agencies. The platform offers options to create website content, social media content and thought leadership content. While most tools here rely entirely on AI models like GPT-3, Scalenut uses AI as well as professional creators to better tell the story at scale.

Since it is a mixture of AI and humans, Scalenut also works differently. It starts with a single keyword where you can plan your content and get detailed reports with actionable insights. The tool offers unlimited content ideas at the click of a button powered by Scalenut’s AI copywriter. Once the copy is generated, Scalenut also ensures that your content will rank on Google. This eliminates SEO hurdles faced by some companies. Lastly, Scalenut matches you with seasoned creators to further build your content.

Compose AI

Compose AI describes itself as “your own AI writing assistant” since it aims to automate all your writing work. Compose AI is a free Chrome extension that offers advanced autocomplete everywhere. If you liked Google’s autocomplete tool for composing email on Gmail then imagine Compose AI being a tool that extends the feature to everywhere.

Whether you are collaborating on Slack, writing a blog on Microsoft Word or using Notion for project management, Compose AI works everywhere providing autocomplete as you type. It uses AI with a natural language algorithm to not only offer autocomplete predictions but also uses AI to become contextually aware. It is essentially equivalent to an assistant learning about your writing style and adapting itself to offer predictions aware of the setting and context.


Copysmith is another major player in the “AI in marketing tech” segment. The startup uses AI for creative content generation and was founded in October 2020 by sisters Jasmine and Anna Wang. The tool makes it easier to create content using GPT-3 and in-house proprietary language models. Copysmith also understands context and is capable of understanding the complexities of context in language.

The AI writer from Copysmith can be used to write ad copy, blogs, branding content and other types of content. With its long-form blog generations, file sharing, team collaboration features and 35+ free templates, it is no wonder that Copysmith is a popular tool among marketers. With the starter package available for just $19 a month, Copysmith is a fast and effective tool for producing AI-powered content.

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