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Artificial Intelligence: 10 newsletters that every AI enthusiast must subscribe to stay on top of news and technological developments

Artificial Intelligence is an ever evolving, fast changing technology with a scope so broad that keeping track of every development is rather difficult. Some of the milestones created in AI might look small to a layman but they could be the pivotal moment for something big at a later stage.

One of the ways to keep track of even the smallest milestone achieved by AI and companies building AI tools is to subscribe to newsletters. There are a number of technology newsletters that aim to serve AI enthusiasts and help them stay informed about advancements in the field. If you are looking to subscribe, these are the ten best AI newsletters right now.

The Algorithm

The name of this newsletter tells you everything that is there to know about it. The Algorithm is a newsletter published by MIT Technology Review that arrives in your inbox every weekday. It aims to offer brief updates on AI news stories and follows a no-nonsense approach to writing about these latest developments.

This newsletter really stands out for its section called “Deeper Dive”, where the authors try to explain the research behind emerging AI technologies. The newsletter aims to demystify artificial intelligence and succeeds in that quest really well. The writing and the presentation make it one of the best AI newsletters out there.

O’Reilly Data & AI Newsletter

There are a number of newsletters that are essentially a collection of important stories that you must read but often lack commentary on them. O’Reilly Data Newsletter is essentially the opposite of that with it arriving in your inbox each week with a deep look at the big data sector and artificial intelligence.

The idea of this newsletter is to provide readers with deep insights on the news they are following and O’Reilly does this by assembling a collection of interesting data articles. The newsletter shows the domain expertise of the author and usually consists of ten topics, which makes it a perfect read for the weekend.

AI Weekly

If you are short on time and want to quickly glance through major industry news then look no further than AI Weekly. This newsletter acts as a front row seat to the latest industry news and articles on AI tools and hardware. It has a simple design that makes it easy to read these news articles.

The AI Weekly doesn’t stop at news and articles alone but also provides thoughtful comments on broader industry ideas and concepts. It has a dedicated section called “Some Inspiration” that looks at some of the challenges facing AI, be it ethics or regulatory concerns.

Import AI

Import AI is a weekly, bare-bones text newsletter written by OpenAI’s Jack Clark. The newsletter aims to offer precise news summaries of major events and is one of the most recommended newsletter in the AI community.

With Import AI, Jack tries to offer commentary and context on every story. The best part of this newsletter is it’s “why it matters” commentary that allows readers to look at the facts supporting major developments in the field of AI and their importance. It is a clever mix of brevity and commentary on one of the most defining tech of this generation.

Data Elixir

Data Elixir is a newsletter put together by former NASA data scientist, Lon Riesberg. This is one of the essential weekly reads for AI enthusiasts and those interested in the fields of machine learning or big data.

This newsletter is a must subscribe for those who want to get industry news and also be aware of the jobs in the field of AI. The newsletter also has a section called “Tools and Techniques” offering in-depth yet practical knowledge on how to build specific skills and experience in the field of AI.

Data Science Weekly

Data Science Weekly hits your inbox seven days a week like clockwork and covers a lot of ground in the field of data science. The newsletter serves as a one stop shop for all the latest in the field of data science, served in the form of articles, videos, job postings, training resources, and books.

Curated by business strategy expert Hannah Brooks and Sebastian Gutierrez, founder of, the newsletter is among the most subscribed and respected in the field of data science. If you are fascinated by data science then this newsletter will keep you informed on all the latest developments.

Inside AI

Inside AI, like Data Science Weekly, is a daily newsletter providing a thorough look at the most recent AI-related news stories. The stories in this newsletter are presented in the form of a list with a smart summary written by the author. The newsletter aims to educate you about the latest development but does that without consuming a lot of time.


The Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) is recognised for its global events on the future of AI and Data Science. They also offer an AI newsletter called AccelerateAI that aims to offer deep insights on the commercial application of AI. If you ever wanted to read something that offered a deeper look at the technology behind an AI application, AccelerateAI is for you.

AccelerateAI differs from many other AI newsletters with its short, graphical format. It allows users to quickly get the context of the newsletter and also lets users search through job postings, blog posts from AI experts.

TopBots Applied AI

TopBots is one of the popular sites with a huge repository of information on AI and bot news catering to business leaders. By subscribing to TopBots Applied AI weekly newsletter, industry leaders can stay informed about the latest posts from Topbots.

Machine Learnings

Last but not the least, Machine Learnings is a newsletter that every AI enthusiast should subscribe to. The newsletter is basically an extension of the Machine Learnings blog and co-founder Sam DeBrule curates the week’s machine learning and AI news in an easy to read format.

While that may sound similar to few other newsletters in this list, Machine Learnings has a trick up its sleeve. It features content and articles under sections like “Awesome, not awesome”, “What we’re reading”, and “What we’re building.” These sections help you become smarter without a lot of effort.

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