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Check out the coolest AI tech showcased at CES 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a great potential to modify, change and enhance products and business models. Unlike a few years back, AI today is pervasive across industries including education, agriculture, SaaS, healthcare, and more. 

According to a new report from Gartner, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) software revenue is forecast to total $62.5 billion in 2022, an increase of 21.3 per cent from 2021. 

The top five use cases for AI software spending in 2022 will be knowledge management, virtual assistants, autonomous vehicles, digital workplace, and crowdsourced data, adds the report. 

With global interest around AI growing significantly and the AI market evolving faster than ever, it is imperative for businesses to be on top of their game and showcase their AI capabilities to the world. And what’s better than promoting and demonstrating their product/tech in a global tech event like CES.

Here is a curated list of AI companies that have showcased their technology in CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2022. 


HQ: Stuttgart, Germany

Ekin unveiled its mobile automatic license plate reader (ALPR) and automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) solution. Made for law enforcement purposes, the Micro Patrol identifies license plates from moving and parked cars, and provides an instant comparison to wanted and stolen vehicle data. 

According to the company, The Micro Patrol provides license plate identification accuracy in low-light conditions, inclement weather, and traffic congestion. 

With ultra-wide coverage, the Micro Patrol offers 130 degrees of ANPR, which can be combined for 360-degree coverage to support mobile traffic and parking management.


HQ: California, USA

UBTECH Robotics, a company known for Artificial Intelligence and humanoid robotics, has showcased ADIBOT-A, an autonomous UV-C Disinfection Robotics Solution. 

ADIBOT-A consists of UV-C disinfecting technology with robotic hardware and AI software to provide cost-effective disinfection solutions for medical centres, hospitals, hotels, schools, and government offices.

According to UBTECH, ADIBOT-A can be programmed and mapped with UBTECH’s proprietary U-SLAM software to independently navigate one or multiple floor plans to disinfect against harmful pathogens, bacteria, and viruses, including COVID-19.

As of now, ADIBOT disinfection systems are deployed in over 500 buildings across the country.

Phiar Technologies

HQ: California, USA

Phiar Technologies, a platform for AI-powered Augmented Reality (AR) navigation for driving, has announced a partnership with Qualcomm to transform automotive cockpits with Spatial AI-powered AR Heads-up Display (HUD) navigation to reduce driver cognitive load. 

The company is working towards transforming navigation experiences by bringing AI-powered road perception and AR navigation to video and HUD-based automotive IVI environments.

Phiar combines its patented innovations in deep learning AI and AR into a new form of driving navigation platform to enhance safety, facilitate more intuitive wayfinding and connect drivers with their surrounding environments. 

HQ: Quebec, Canada, a speech recognition software company, has announced a collaboration with Knowles Corporation to deliver fully offline and app-free AI-powered voice control for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds and other hearable products.’s speech-to-intent technology utilises voice commands to trigger essential TWS actions, including activating noise cancellation, controlling music, accepting or declining calls, and much more.

According to, its low-latency technology can be embedded in even the tiniest devices like earbuds. 

Fluent’s AI software resides locally on Knowles AISonic Audio Edge Processor IA8201, which does not use data from the cloud, meaning Fluent’s technology works completely offline, without the need for a WiFi connection. 

The technology offers quick and accurate, multilingual and accent agnostic voice recognition with flexible voice commands anytime, anywhere.

Knowles Corporation is a provider of advanced micro-acoustic microphones and speakers, audio solutions, and high-performance capacitors and RF products. 


HQ: Quebec, Canada

Deeplite provides AI optimisation software to make deep neural networks faster, smaller, and energy-efficient. 

At the CES 2022, the company has announced Deeplite Runtime (DeepliteRT), an SDK (Software Developmental Kit) that makes AI models even smaller and faster in production deployment, without compromising accuracy.

As a result, users will benefit from lower power consumption, reduced costs, and the ability to utilise existing Arm CPUs to run AI models, claims the company. 

Perrone Robotics

HQ: Virginia, USA

Perrone Robotics, a provider of fully autonomous vehicle systems, has showcased its series of AV-mobility and e-mobility experiences at its “Innovation Alley” demonstration track. 

The company has partnered with GreenPower Motor Company to use AV Star as a demo vehicle as a part of the demonstration. 

Perrone Robotics also offers an autonomous driving retrofit kit for existing vehicles that work with the pedals, transmission, and steering wheel of conventional vehicles to render them autonomous for low-speed operation over a known route, reports VentureBeat. 


HQ: Hampshire, UK

UK-based car accessories manufacturer Nextbase has announced a new dashcam under its Nextbase iQ series. Powered by AI technology, the new iQ models boost safety and security. 

The Nextbase iQ dashcam system consists of two cameras – one to record outside and another one inside the vehicle – with real-time global access and alerts. 

Users can choose between 1080p, 1440p, or 4K resolution for the road-facing camera, whereas the camera on the inside can record in 1080p and 1440p resolutions. The company also offers an optional third wired remote camera that looks out the rear window, recording at 1440p.

The iQ dashcam doesn’t have any display, meaning users have to rely on voice commands to capture clips or activate Witness Mode, an instant-on recording feature that automatically saves to the cloud and shares with an emergency contact or other designated third party (e.g., spouse, parent) in real-time. 

The Witness Mode works through iQ’s built-in 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also features Live View, Valet mode, Roadwatch AI, and a whole slew of additional safety features. 


HQ: Jerusalem, Israel

The Israeli company known for AI-driven vision assistance tech has won the CES 2022 Innovation Award, winning the edition of the award for the third consecutive time. 

The company has developed MyEye PRO, a wearable assistive technology device for people who are blind, visually impaired, and have reading challenges.

The device reads out any printed text (books, menus, and signs) and digital screens (computer, smartphone), recognises faces, and identifies products/bar codes, money notes, and colours – all in real-time and offline. 

The Smart Reading feature allows users to tailor their assistive reading experience and orientation assists with guidance and identification of objects.


HQ: Santa Monica, California, USA

At the CES 2022, Ottonomy unveiled Ottobots, a fleet of fully autonomous delivery robots for restaurant and retail industries for indoor and outdoor environments. 

Ottobots create a digital map of the serviceable area and localise within that map. Then the location gets updated on the map as it navigates autonomously to deliver orders.

The company’s proprietary navigation software enables the Ottobots to navigate through crowded and unpredictable environments. 

Ottonomy says that the system can also be deployed across different geographies using a set of tools to make them scalable and flexible.


HQ: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lalaland, an Amsterdam-based fashion-tech startup, announced the launch of their new product, the Genesis Meta Model Creator, at CES 2022.

The latest product helps fashion brands and retailers create a highly personalised and inclusive shopping experience by generating a virtual fashion model of different body types, sizes, hair types, and skin complexions closest to the shopper’s preference.

The company says its technology helps increase the first-time correct hit rate and reduce the need to order several sizes through a personalised virtual fitting experience online. 


HQ: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BrainCreators, a provider of AI-powered digital inspectors has expanded its automated recognition & anonymisation (ARA) product line with a module for visitor analytics.

It is used to analyse people flows for marketing purposes, occupancy optimisation, and safety. It helps in making decisions more efficiently based on factual information about occupancy over time. 

The solution provides insightful information about busy moments, movements, and length of stay.

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