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World Summit AI: A look at the dates, event agenda, keynote speakers, and who should attend

World Summit AI (WSAI), the leading summit on artificial intelligence bringing the data science and business community together, is returning after a two year hiatus. WSAI 2022 will be the first full-scale AI summit in Amsterdam after COVID-19 pandemic put a stop on 2020 and 2021 editions of the global AI event.

The last full-scale World Summit AI held in 2019 saw over 6,000 attendees from over 17 countries and this year, the event is promising to be even bigger. Alongside World Summit AI, there will be a dedicated World AI Week event meant to bring the Dutch AI community together and co-create the best AI event. If you are remotely interested in AI, then the World Summit AI is a must attend event. Here’s what you need to know.

When and where is the World Summit AI event held?

The World Summit AI is returning to Amsterdam this year as a full-scale event that brings people across the business spectrum from the world of AI. The event is being held on October 12 and October 13 at the Taets Art and Event Park in Amsterdam Noord. The two day event will see integrators, adopters, and end-users of advanced AI solutions in all verticals meet under one roof.

What is World Summit AI?

The World Summit AI is the largest AI summit that aims to gather all the key players from the global AI ecosystem. The brightest brains in the world of AI including enterprises, big tech, startups, and investors will attend World Summit AI either as speaker or attendees.

Every year, the World Summit AI (WSAI) has focussed on some of the biggest issues in the field of AI. In the past, the event has acted as a vessel for setting the global AI agenda and this year won’t be any different.

InspiredMinds!, which organises the event, has confirmed there will be over 200 speakers across 12 tracks this year. This year’s theme will focus on AI innovation, ethics and AI4good. The two-day event will also see “applied solutions for enterprise, hands-on workshops, knowledge-sharing, and networking.”

The standard ticket, which is aimed at corporates, enterprise, consultants and solution providers, is priced at €1,099 but can be purchased for €549 excluding local taxes. The startup ticket priced at €349 is available for €229 while the VIP package will set you back €1,099. InspiredMinds! is also offering group discounts and multi event passes.

  • Standard: €549 + local taxes
  • Startup: €229 + local taxes
  • VIP Package: €1,099 + local taxes

This year, the event organisers are also offering a 20 per cent discount to attendees who travel using a sustainable mode of transport. At the time of writing, the website for World Summit AI states that the ticket price will be in the next nine days. If you are interested in attending the event then you should act now.

World Summit AI: Top speakers or AI brains of 2022

  • Kersti Kaljulaid (Former President of Estonia)
  • Colin Murdoch (Chief Business Officer of Deepmind)
  • Vandi Verma (Chief Engineer of Robotic Operations – Mars 2020, Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • Mark Surman (President and Chief Executive at Mozilla Foundation)
  • Ian McGilchrist (Author of The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World)
  • Christopher Bishop (Laboratory Director at Microsoft Research Cambridge)
  • Caroline Gorski (CEO of R2 Data Labs at Rolls Royce)
  • Radhika Dirks (CEO and Founder of XLabs)
  • Sandeep Dadlani (Global Chief Digital Officer at Mars Inc)
  • Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau (CEO and Publisher at MIT Technology Review)
  • Jamie Susskind QC (Author)
  • Yarin Gal (Associate Professor at University of Oxford Computer Science Department)
  • Linda Leopold (Head of Responsible AI & Data at H&M)
  • Hina Dixit (Head of AI + Metaverse Investments at Samsung Next)
  • Frans Van Bruggen (Policy Officer FinTech & Artificial Intelligence at Dutch Central Bank)
  • Betsy Greytok (Vice President, Ethics & Policy at IBM)
  • Gina Romero (CEO of Connected Women)
  • Anna Scaife (Professor of Radio Astronomy at University of Manchester)
  • Patrick Maes (Managing Director – Global Head Bank User Solutions at Credit Suisse)
  • Pieter Jeekel (Chairman of Dutch AI Coalition: Wellbeing + Healthcare)
  • Ryan Ra Ong (Program Manager – Virtual Assistants at Google)
  • Marloes Pomp (International Partnerships at Netherlands AI Coalition & Steering Committee European AI Forum)
  • Eamonn Carey (Investor at Tera Ventures)
  • Paul O’Callagham (Founder + CEO of BlueTech Research + Brave Blue World Foundation)
  • Toby Walsh (Professor of AI at UNSW Sydney)
  • Lauren Razavi (Author)
  • Catherine Breslin (Founder of Kingfisher Labs)
  • Mark Stoevelar (CTO Innovation Team at City of Amsterdam)
  • Maarten Sukel (AI Lead at City of Amsterdam)
  • Buster Franken (CEO of FruitPunchAI)
  • Jos Dirkx (CEO and Co-Founder of Beenova AI)
  • Thijs Suijten (Co-founder of Hack the Planet)
  • Simon Scott-Nelson (CEO of Wellity)
  • Sadie Restorick (COO of Wellity)
  • Layla Li (CEO of KOSA AI)
  • Carl Pratt (Founder and Director of FuturePlanet)
  • Sharon O’Dea (Founder of Lithos Partners)
  • Hajo Van Beijma (Founder of Atilax)
  • Adriana Eufrosina Bora (Project Lead – AIMS at Queensland University of Technology)
  • Katherine Templar Lewis (Founder at Kinda Studios)
  • Rachel De Sain (CEO of codesain)
  • Sarah Porter (Founder and CEO at Inspired Minds)
  • Peter Barden (Director of Content – World Summit AI)

World Summit AI 2022: a look at the agenda

The World Summit AI 2022 starts with registration at 7.30am and the opening remarks will be made by Sarah Porter, CEO and Founder, Inspired Minds! at 9am. The headliner event will begin at 9.20am with author and neuroscientist Ian McGilChrist discussing “Our Brains, Our Delusions, and the Unmaking of the World.”

It will be followed by another headliner event that will help enterprises, startups, and AI professionals decide on where to focus with AI. The plenary discussion will focus on accelerating the radical innovation for resiliency and competitiveness. The event will be followed by a panel discussion on “Are We Closer to General Purpose AI Than We Think?”

Apart from these panel discussions, there are multiple tracks across the verticals called Mothership, Cities, DLTs + Cyber Security, Talent Lab, Workshops, Innovation in Action, Metaverse, and High Risk AI.

The second day of the event will see tech talks and other discussion including the impact of machines being able to imagine. One of the panel discussions will focus on how AI can be used to turn immediate response into future advantage.

World Summit AI: who should attend?

The above programme makes it clear that World Summit AI is aimed at anyone with remote interest in the world of AI. However, the event sees interest from founders, CEOs, CTOs, COOs, and others in leadership positions, which makes the event able to set the agenda for AI.

The event is designed to help people learn about AI and network with some of the leading players in the field of AI. It also offers workshops where people can see AI being implemented for various use cases and learn about deployment of machine learning models.

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