Beurs van Berlage

World Summit AI is back in Amsterdam, here is what to expect

After a year with no events due to Covid-19, Word Summit AI is back in Amsterdam for its 5th edition. This time event organizer Inspired Minds chose the beautiful venue Beurs van Berlage as their two day hotspot for AI talent and innovators from all over the world.

You can find the tight schedule of the event here, but we selected some highlights as well:

Day 1

  • Keynote: Using deep learning to better understand molecules by Professor Max Welling
  • Keynote: Delivering on the promise of AI by Gavin Pape of Accenture
  • Break-out: AI-generated synthetic data, the future to get easy and fast access to high quality data?
  • Break-out: Democratizing AI
  • Break-out: Deploy an object detection model in 5 minutes with UbiOps
  • Break-out: Urban AI in Amsterdam
  • Discussion: How to overcome pandemic disruption, an AI for business continuity action plan
  • Keynote: The future of artificial intelligence and how you can save our world by Mo Gawdat

The team of will be live at the event both days, hope to see you there!


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